How to Paint a Marble Fireplace Surround

Aug 19th

A marble fireplace surround adds visual speak to a territory of a home that draws in consideration. One weakness of picking marble is that the characteristic stone is substantial and costly to supplant. One option to substitution is to paint over the marble.

marble fireplace image
marble fireplace image


1.Lay a defensive covering or drop material under and around the fireplace region to ensure your marble fireplace¬†from paint. Utilize painter’s tape to cover dividers with covering.

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2.Clean the marble surface with mineral spirits or a comparative dissolve able based cleaner.

3.Dry the territory with a build up free towel and examine your work. In the event that you discover any breaks in the tile bigger than 1/8 inch, fill them with epoxy filler.

4.Sand the marble surface with 220-coarseness sandpaper.

5.Make preparations surface with a first stage intended for polished or glossy surfaces. Utilize a paintbrush or roller to apply a slim layer of first stage over the whole surface.

6.Review the preparation and touch up as required. At the point when the last first stage has dried, sand the range again with 220-coarseness sandpaper to set up the surface for the paint.

7.Paint the prepared surface with semi- or polished paint.

8.Apply no less than three dainty layers of paint marble fireplace.