How to Determine if a Linear Fireplace an Art Deco

Nov 23rd

The art deco describes a decorating style that dominated Europe and North America between 1925 and 1940 she abandoned the traditional styles to embrace modern materials. The designers of this period viewed the fireplace as a decorative element to a room, not just a source of functional heat. Getting rid of almost all elements of the traditional linear fireplace, fireplaces art deco excelled elegant and bold designs, colors, high contrast and modern themes. If you want to identify an art deco fireplace, look for certain key components that were prominent in this movement decoration.

Marble suite linear fireplace
Marble suite linear fireplace


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  1. Study the lines of the fireplace design. Look for sweeping curves and bold edges that exemplify the style of art deco decor. Many of this linear fireplace was designed asymmetrically.
  2. Look for ceramic tile around the fireplace and their songs, because they were the materials used in art deco fireplaces. Typical of the era were tile pieces with high gloss glaze and bold designs.
  3. Identify the traditional colors used in the tiles and fireplaces art deco look for highly contrasting colors that are together.
  4. Look for linear fireplace typical designs of art deco.